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XD15nw manufacturing example in detail from Enduro Bearings

See how Enduro bearings turns raw XD15nw rods into the ultimate bottom bracket for high end bicycle racers. Article includes details photos of the heat treatment and machining process, as well as an onsite video of their California manufacturing partner facility at ABI Industries. Read the full story w/images and video


Aubert & Duval presents at 10th International Symposium on Bearing Steel Technologies

Aubert & Duval presents paper “Review of XD15NW (Through Hardening) and CX13VDW (Case Carburizing) Cost-Effective Corrosion Resistant Bearing Steels Grades” at the 10th ASTM International Symposium on Bearing Steel Technologies: Advances in Steel Technology for Rolling Bearings. Click here to Download Paper Abstract The traditional corrosion resistant bearing steel family is largely represented by 440C, X65Cr14,…

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Napoleon Engineering Services Announces Addition of High Temperature, Corrosion Resistant Bearings to Custom Bearing Product Line

Napoleon Engineering Services (NES) has announced the addition of XD15NW, AMS 5898, and BG42 high temperature, corrosion resistant steels to its custom bearing manufacturing line of products. Compared to standard bearing steels XD15NW, AMS 5898 and BG42 each offer unique individual benefits such as superior fatigue strength, greater corrosion resistance, and higher ductility. These steels…

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Application: Liquid Hydrogen Turbopump Vulcain space launcher

The cryogenic engines of the Vulcain space launchers has been subjected to increasingly severe operating conditions so that entirely new bearings were developed for the liquid hydrogen turbopumps. The principal axes of development, except the optimization of the bearing geometry, were related to the improvement of the mechanical properties of the X105CrMo17 steel (AISI 440C)…

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